Apply for an HMO licence

Do I need an HMO licence?

If your answer to any of the questions below is 'no' you do not need a HMO licence. You will need a Landlord Licence instead. Please see 'Apply for a Landlord Licence'

  • Do you privately rent a property within Liverpool City Council's boundaries?
  • Does the property have three or more floors? Basements with gas or electric meters, or mezzanine and attic floors with a room that is used in connection with the tenancy are counted as floors.
  • Is the property occupied by five or more unrelated people? Please include children and babies.
  • Do two or more separate households live in the property?
  • Do the occupants of the property share a bathroom, kitchen or WC?

How much?

The HMO licence fee is set out below for the following properties:

  • Up to six units of accommodation: £980.
  • 7-12 units of accommodation: £1,103.
  • 13-20 units of accommodation: £1,144.
  • 21+ units of accommodation: £1,186.

Before you start

It is the responsibility of the property owner, manager or managing agent to make sure that the property has a valid HMO licence at all times.

We may contact landlords when a licence is due to expire, however it is your responsibility to renew it.

Request an application form 

By email

Please contact with the property address and your email address. We will then email the form to you free of charge. 

By post

If you want an an application form posted to you, you will need pay a £30 charge upfront. Additional copies sent out at the same time will cost £10 each. 

Please contact with the property address and your receipt number once you have paid, using the button below. A form will not be sent out without this payment. 

Pay for a paper form 

Pay for your application

You will need to pay the correct fee using the button below and write your payment reference number on your application form. We cannot process your application if we do not receive this payment. 

Pay an HMO licensing fee 

Submit your application

Completed forms must be returned to us by email or or posted to:

Public Protection Division
HMO Licencing
Cunard Building
Water Street
L3 1AH

How long will the licence last?

Licences are usually granted for five years unless the property has been unlicensed for a period when it should have been licensed, or we have recent evidence that it has been poorly managed.

Help and advice

You can also meet with a licensing officer for information and advice about your HMO. The charge for this service is £74.20 per hour. Please contact to arrange an appointment.