Apply for a Landlord Licence

Licences are not transferable. If the licence holder needs to be changed, a new application must be made and paid for. As licences run for a maximum of five years, property owners should give careful consideration to the person designated as licence holder.

1. Apply for a 'fit and proper person' check

First, you will need to apply for a 'fit and proper person' check. 

Apply for a 'fit and proper person' check online

Once this check has been completed, please apply for your property licence (see below).

2. Apply for a property licence

If you already have a reference number for your fit and proper person check (Part 1), you can apply for a property licence online using the form below.

A separate licence application must be submitted for each property with the initial £200 fee - we cannot process applications without a payment. Find out more about fees.

Please make a note of the 'PL' reference number you are given for each application you submit.

Apply online for a property licence

Request a paper form 

By email

Email with the property address and we will then email a paper form back to you free of charge. 

By post

If you want an an application form posted out to you, you will need pay a £30 charge upfront. Additional copies sent out at the same time will cost £10 each. 

Please contact the property address and your receipt number once you have paid, using the button below. A form will not be sent out without this payment. 

Pay for a paper form