Benefits of the scheme

All private landlords in the city must obtain a licence for each of their rented properties. This scheme has been introduced under the government’s selective licensing laws and signing up for it is compulsory.

The scheme will ensure that licensed landlords in the city are ‘fit and proper’. Before they are granted a licence we’ll be asking landlords to declare convictions for dishonesty, violence or drug-related offences, or breaches of housing, landlord or tenant laws.

Licensed landlords’ properties must meet fire, electric and gas safety standards and be in a good state of repair. Licensed landlords must be able to deal effectively with any complaints about their tenants.

Will the scheme 'weed out' bad landlords?

If someone cannot meet the 'fit and proper' landlord criteria the scheme sets out, they will be refused a licence. Bad landlords who do not invest in their properties or manage them properly will move out of the market making Liverpool an attractive prospect for good landlords.

The scheme will improve the rental market in Liverpool by raising standards and helping to identify non-compliant landlords and management agents who do not invest in their properties.

Landlords will also benefit from a more professional and robust market with more sustainable, longer-term tenancies.