Acupuncture, piercings, semi-permanent skin colouring and tattooists

If you carry out acupuncture, cosmetic piercing (body and ear piercing), permanent tattooing, semi- permanent skin colouring (micro pigmentation - e.g. tattooed eyebrows or lips) or electrolysis, you must register with the council.

This regulation exists to ensure that you meet the relevant health and safety standards and lessen the risk of infection.

How to register

You are only permitted to carry out named and registered treatments. If you want to practice a new treatment at your premises at a later date, you must come back and register it with us. 


Practitioner application

Read our privacy notice which tells you how we use your data.

Apply and pay online for practitioner registration

Premises application

Read our privacy notice which tells you how we use your data.

Apply and pay online for premises registration

By post

Alternatively, download, fill out and return the appropriate paper registration form below:

Please contact us if you would like a form posted out to you.

Registration is complete when a completed application form and relevant fee is received. Amendments to the registration should be submitted in writing to the Principal Officer.


The registration fee for carrying out one of the following: acupuncture, tattooing, skin piercing, electrolysis, or semi-permanent skin colouring is:

  • Practitioner - £45.17
  • Premises - £107.46

The registration fee for carrying out two or more of the following activities: tattooing, skin piercing, electrolysis, semi-permanent skin colouring or acupuncture is:

  • Practitioner £90.34
  • Premises - £214.92

Fees must be submitted with your registration. You must inform us of any amendments to the initial registration. 

The fee you pay is to cover the administration cost associated with registration - we regret we cannot offer you a refund.

How to pay

If you are completing your application online, you will be directed to make an online payment when you submit the form.

If you are completing a paper application, you can still pay online below.  Please enclose your payment reference number with your paper application.

Pay online (practitioner)   

Pay online (premises)

Alternatively, you can send a cheque made payable to Liverpool City Council. Please write the application reference number on the back of your cheque and send it to:

Public Protection Division,
Cunard Building,
Water Street,
L3 1QX

Please note that your application will not be considered unless full payment is made.

How long will the registration last?

It will last for as long as your business operates within the area.  However, you will need to re-register if a business moves or changes hands.

You must display a copy of the certificate of registration at your premises. You will need to register any new practitioner who will be carrying on the business of tattooing.

Tacit consent

Tacit consent applies. The legislation requires only that the city council process your application for you to be registered.


Appeal is not applicable as there is a strict legal duty to register.

Processing timescales

An Environmental Health Officer will contact you with in 28 days of making an application.

Other information

Liverpool Byelaws for acupuncture, piercings, semi-permanent skin colouring and tattooists.