3. Pass the Liverpool Standard Part 1

The Liverpool Standard Part 1 is a Vocational Related Qualification which you must pass in order to be considered for a new licence.

Only training providers approved by Taxi Driver Licensing Sub-committee are authorised to deliver the training. Certificates issued by non-approved providers will not be accepted.

What’s in the course?

The course consists of classroom-based learning modules on customer service, equality and diversity, driver and passenger safety and disability access, plus a possible option of looking at route planning.

How much is the course?

Different providers charge different fees. Please discuss fees directly with them.

Some providers may be able to help fund your training and may consider your personal circumstances when setting a fee.

In some cases, the fee may be refunded when you complete the Liverpool Standard Part 2 course which you must pass within 12 months of your licence being issued.

I have a criminal conviction – should I go on the course?

The Taxi Driver Licensing Sub-committee can only review applications made by individuals who have a criminal conviction once they have been awarded a Liverpool Standard Part 1 Certificate.

More information about convictions is available on the Get your DBS and DVLA checks page.