What do I need?

You will need to bring the following items with you to this appointment:

  • Your Passport or Birth Certificate.
  • Your National Insurance number. 
  • Your valid photocard driving licence or old style paper driving licence.
  • A unique code from the DVLA website which allows us to check the status of your driving licence. The code is only valid for 72 hours.
  • A medical certificate – only licence holders who are reapplying at the ages of 45, 50, 55, 60 and 65 must bring a medical certificate to this appointment. 
  • Your Liverpool Standard Part 2 Certificate - we can no longer give temporary licence extensions to those who have not completed this course.
  • The fee for a three-year licence - £150.
  • The fee for a Certificate of Disclosure (DBS check) - £44. Please be aware that if you have registered for the DBS update service we can check your certificate status online without having to apply for a new check. 
  • From the 1st January 2016, all drivers renewing a taxi or private hire licence must have a Certificate of Good Conduct if they have lived or been on holiday outside the UK for more than three months since their last licence was issued.
  • The fee for a DVLA mandate - £7.50.

At this initial appointment we then fill in and send off your Certificate of Disclosure (DBS check) and DVLA applications for you and issue you with a temporary three-month licence while you wait for your Certificate of Disclosure to be returned to you by post.