Governance and management structure

LSSL Board of Directors

Our board consists of two directors and is supported by key individuals from LCC and LSSL.

LSSL Directors

  • Steve Reddy, Director, Children and Young People's Services, Liverpool City Council
  • Colleen Martin, Assistant Director, Supporting Communities, Liverpool City Council

Supporting roles

  • Secretary and legal adviser
  • LCC financial adviser
  • Company accountant
  • Human resources
  • LSSL chief operating officer 
  • Technical adviser

LSSL Strategic Board

The Strategic Board meets quarterly to review performance and monitor the direction of travel for LSSL. The board composition includes representatives of the Trade Unions:

  • The Union Local Convenor
  • Regional Unions representative
  • Company secretary and legal advisor
  • LCC financial advisor
  • LSSL chief operating officer

LSSL Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

This is a separate team made up entirely of the senior managers from LSSL. The team focuses on creating and implementing policies into activities, designing processes and procedures, interpreting legislative change, agreeing and managing the strategic direction for LSSL whilst making sure that the services delivered meet the needs of the local community and offer value for money.

LSSL Operational Team

This team takes its lead from the SLT team and converts the policy and strategy into operational delivery on the ground. This team is represented by each of the four key service areas (refuse and recycling; street cleansing; grounds maintenance: trees) and the operational control room. The team reports on performance, activities and key initiatives to drive forward services and address local issues to achieve our desired outcomes.

Joint Trade Union Committee

This group comprises members and representatives from the company and the Trade Unions. This group is key to the continued development of Liverpool Streetscene Services Ltd. Topics for review, include policies and procedures, working patterns and methods, problem solving and company cost reducing strategies etc. This forum affords the group the opportunity to debate, review and negotiate proposed changes in a confidential environment.

LSSL Joint Health and Safety Committee

One of our key priorities is to provide a healthy and safe environment for a workforce that is empowered and responsible in their daily operational work activities.  This group plays a key role in steering and agreeing key policies associated to health and safety whilst monitoring through regular sampling that the working practices are adhered to and hazards spotted and addressed where possible.

Organisational structure

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