Arranging a burial (interment)

To arrange a full body or cremated remains burial, you should approach a funeral director of your choice. They will arrange the handling of the deceased's body and help to organise the funeral and burial. They will guide you through the process and complete the required paperwork.

We have six cemeteries in Liverpool which open for burials Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm. Weekend options are available between 9am and 11am at an additional charge.

Full body burial

Full body burials can take place in a new grave, which you can purchase at the time of burial, or in an existing grave, subject to space.

Cremated remains burial

Cremated remains can be buried in a new cremated remains plot, which can be purchased at the time of burial, or in an existing grave or cremated remains plot, subject to space.

Applicant for Burial

New graves

For new graves and cremated remains plots, the person who signs the interment form is known as the Applicant for Burial. If you are the Applicant for Burial you will hold the Exclusive Right of Burial for the grave. This means that you will be the person who can authorise a headstone or memorial, or any future interments.

Existing graves

Where a burial is taking place in an existing grave or plot, if there is a living owner of Exclusive Right of Burial for the grave, then this person must authorise the burial to take place. If there is no living owner, a transfer can take place via the interment, subject to conditions.


See burial and interment costs for more information.