Burials and memorials

Headstone memorials

If you wish to erect a headstone following a burial, you can arrange this through a memorial mason if you are the grave owner. As the grave owner you hold the exclusive right of burial and can authorise a registered memorial mason to apply to the council for the installation of a new headstone.

This also applies to any form of work carried out to an existing headstone, such as an additional inscription.

If you are not the grave owner you will need the grave owner's authority. If the grave owner is no longer alive, the person who applied for the last interment can authorise the installation.

The memorial mason will complete the application and payment on your behalf, as long as you provide proof that that you are the holder of the exclusive right of burial or the last applicant for interment.

Registered memorial masons

All memorial works must be carried out to the British Standard (BS8415).

To ensure acceptable standards of workmanship across Liverpool's cemeteries we have introduced a memorial masons scheme (Memorial Masons Charter). When installing a memorial or adding kerbs or an inscription, you must use a memorial mason who is a registered member of this scheme.

Please note, a mason's inclusion in this scheme does not mean that the work is guaranteed by Liverpool City Council, and this list is not a recommendation of a memorial mason.


Your stonemason will talk you through all the associated costs when purchasing a headstone memorial. You will also need to pay the fee to install the headstone on the grave, which you will pay directly to the stonemason. Installation fees for Liverpool cemeteries are as follows:

Fees for erecting or re-erecting memorials on graves
Type Cost
Right to erect a monument £346
Right to erect a memorial on full or cremated remains grave £163
Additional inscription £46
Right to replace a memorial £163
Right to erect kerbs £104
Right to erect kerbs (Jewish only) £163
Additional vase or book £41
Flatstone or tablet on public grave £102

Memorial safety and insurance

Whilst the council is responsible for cemetery maintenance, it is the grave owner's responsibility to make sure the headstone is adequately installed, stable and does not pose a danger to the public.

We will carry out regular safety inspections to identify memorials which may pose a danger to others. If we find any safety issues we will take appropriate action. This may include laying down the memorial to prevent it from falling, causing damage and to remove the danger.

We recommend that you take out an insurance policy for your memorial in case of accidental damage, theft or vandalism, as the council cannot be held responsible for such acts. You can take out an appropriate insurance policy from your chosen memorial mason.

Liverpool City Council is not responsible for insurance policies or claims. Please read the small print and policy documents before purchasing insurance.

Removal of unapproved memorials and benches

We will remove any memorials or benches from cemeteries if they have not been approved.

To avoid any misunderstanding and disappointment and to clarify what is allowed in our cemeteries and crematoria, please contact us.