Memorial application for masons

If you are a memorial mason and a member of the council's Memorial Masons Charter, you can apply to erect a grave headstone and carry out other permitted works in Liverpool cemeteries.

This application process applies to new headstones or to carry out work to an existing headstone, such as additional inscriptions or adding kerbs.


Fees will be added to your invoice, where applicable, or once your application is approved we will send confirmation and details of how to make payment.

Fees for erecting or re-erecting memorials on graves
Type Cost
Right to erect a monument £346
Right to erect a memorial on full or cremated remains grave £163
Additional inscription £46
Right to replace a memorial £163
Right to erect kerbs £104
Right to erect kerbs (Jewish only) £163
Additional vase or book £41
Flatstone or tablet on public grave £102

How to apply

You must submit each request online and confirm that you have received approval from the grave owner with exclusive right of burial, or the last applicant for interment.

Apply online 

Read our privacy notice which tells you how we use your data.

What happens next?

We will contact you within xxx working days and issue your permit to carry out the works. 

When your application is approved we will contact you with details of how to pay the relevant charges.

You cannot erect a headstone until we have granted approval and issued your permit.