Arranging a cremation

To arrange a cremation, you should approach a funeral director of your choice. They will arrange the handling of the deceased's body and help to organise the funeral and cremation. 

This will include planning and booking your service in the chapel and completing the required paperwork. They will guide you through the process and give you all options.

Some funeral directors may provide an option for a 'direct cremation', where a cremation takes place without a service. In these cases, the cremation normally occurs at a suitable time at Anfield Crematorium.

If you are thinking or arranging a cremation yourself instead of using a funeral director, please see our information on self-assisted cremations.

Applicant for cremation

One person must sign relevant forms - this person will become the applicant for cremation. If you are the applicant for cremation, you will be the responsible person and main point of contact with Liverpool Cemeteries and Crematoria Service relating to records or the options for the cremated remains of your loved one.

Chapel service options

Your funeral director will discuss service options with you and make all the arrangements with us - this includes chapel bookings, music and digital options. The following information is for guidance - if you have any specific requests, please discuss these with your funeral director.

Anfield Crematorium chapel

Anfield Chapel can accommodate 50 people.

Services start from 8.40am and run every 40 minutes until the last service at 4.40pm. Extra time is allowed at this crematorium due to the restricted access to the chapel and site. Times are subject to availability.

Springwood Crematorium chapels

Rosemary Chapel can accommodate 90 people. Myrtle Chapel can accommodate 40 people. Services run every 30 minutes.

  • Rosemary chapel services start at 9am. The last service is 4pm.
  • Myrtle Chapel services start at 9.15am. The last service is 3.45pm.

If you would like additional time for your service, you can book a double slot.

It is essential that all services begin on time and do not overrun or this will impact on other services that are scheduled for that day.


Music can be played during a service. Our music provider is Orbitus and your funeral director will have access to this system. Subject to availability, you can choose up to three pieces of music for your service. Usually, this includes one track for the procession into the chapel, a middle piece and a final piece following the committal and for the procession out of the chapel.

An organ is also available for use in our chapels if you wish to organise your own pianist.

Booking a chapel 

Your funeral director will make all chapel bookings relating to a cremation.

However, our chapels at Springwood are available for services without a cremation. Find out more about chapel bookings.