Cremated remains (ashes)

When planning a cremation with a funeral director, they will ask what you would like to do with the cremated remains (ashes). At this point, you should consider who will be the applicant for cremation, as this person will be responsible for signing forms and making any future decisions about the cremated remains of a loved one.

These options include:

  • Collection of ashes in a box
  • Strewing of ashes within the garden of remembrance
  • Colonnade niche enclosure, or columbaria
  • Interred into an existing grave or cremated remains plot in a cemetery

If the original applicant for cremation is now deceased, responsibility would normally transfer to their applicant for cremation, even if this person is not related to the original deceased.

Collection of ashes

If you request that the ashes are returned to you, your funeral director will normally collect them from us on your behalf. Or the applicant for cremation can arrange to collect the ashes from Allerton Cemetery Lodge by appointment.

Strewing of ashes in the garden of remembrance

Strewing means scattering or loose burial of ashes. We will scatter ashes on top of the soil or pour the ashes below ground, which means they can not be retrieved in the future.

Anfield and Springwood Crematoria gardens have Rose bed sections located  within beautiful and peaceful surroundings for the strewing of ashes.

  • For upcoming cremations, you can arrange to do this through your chosen funeral director.
  • If you have decided to strew ashes from a previous funeral, we will issue a change of instruction form to the applicant for cremation.

Cost for strewing of ashes

If you intend to witness the strewing of ashes, the following appointment charges apply:

  • £36 if the cremation took place in Liverpool.
  • £70 if the cremation took place in another local authority area.

There is no charge if you request we strew the ashes on your behalf and will not be attending the strewing.

Make a request for a strewing of ashes

You can make a request online to strew ashes in our gardens of remembrance at Anfield or Springwood. Before you apply, please note:

  • The garden of remembrance is a shared remembrance space. The strewing of ashes within a rose bed section does not constitute any ownership of space within the sections nor are you allocated an individual plot.
  • Only official memorials purchased from Liverpool City Council should be placed within the sections.
  • Unofficial memorials including personal plaques, trinkets, fencing etc will be removed. To avoid any upset, please do not place items within the sections.
  • The planting of shrubs, bushes or trees is not allowed.

Enquire about the strewing of ashes - link to form

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Colonnade niche (Columbaria)

The Colonnade at Anfield Crematorium provides niche enclosures for the placement of up to two sets of ashes. Sealed with a personal plaque frontal, these enclosures allow you to reclaim the ashes in the future and may be a more suitable option than a strewing of ashes.

Find out more about the colonnade wall niche, costs and how to apply

Grave or cremated remains plot in a cemetery

Ashes can be interred into an existing grave or cremated remains plot, providing there is sufficient space in the grave. Where interment is in an existing grave or plot, permission must be given by the owner of right of burial to the grave.

You can also inter ashes into a new grave or cremated remains plot with the consent of the person who holds the exclusive right of burial. [link to new page when done]

As a guide, we advise that graves can accommodate two full body burials and up to six sets of ashes, and cremated remains plots have space for approximately four to six sets of ashes.  The number of burials is subject to the cemetery location or location within a cemetery and can be affected by trees, ground conditions, and size of the urn or casket used to bury the ashes. Speak to us for advice for specific requests.

Find out more about existing graves or how to purchase a new cremated remains plot. [link to new graves section]

Whatever you decide for your loved one's cremated remains, we have a legal responsibility to act appropriately and can only provide guidance on the options above. Please remember that ashes are human remains and should be treated with the same respect and dignity as you would a deceased body.