Self-assisted cremation

A self-assisted cremation is where you can arrange the cremation of a loved one direct with us, instead of engaging a funeral director. 

The loss of a loved one is an emotional time and you will need to decide if a self-assisted cremation is an appropriate option for you. Whilst it may be cost effective, there are a number of sensitive tasks you will need to undertake to arrange a self-assisted cremation.

Our team can guide you through the process, but we cannot contact any authorities or medical professionals on your behalf or provide recommendations of suppliers you may need when making these arrangements.

Before arranging the cremation

  • Liaise with medical professionals to receive the certificate needed to register a death.
  • Contact and arrange an appointment with Liverpool Register Office to register the death.

Arranging the cremation

  • Complete all relevant documents, forms and be the Applicant for Cremation. As the Applicant for Cremation, you are the responsible person and main point of contact with Liverpool Cemeteries and Crematoria Service relating to records or the options for the cremated remains of your loved one.
  • Make all arrangements with Liverpool Crematorium relating to the cremation, date and time.
  • If you plan to have a service you must consider if you want music, a celebrant, flowers, order of service etc.

The deceased's body

  • You will need to purchase a coffin before the cremation takes place.
  • On the day of cremation you must attend your arranged appointment at the mortuary with the required form and ID to collect the body. The council mortuary will store the body for two weeks - following this additional fees will apply. Other mortuaries vary and you should contact them for their arrangements.
  • You must identify the deceased body with an identity tag, which will be located on the wrist or ankle of the deceased. The body will then be transferred in a body bag to the coffin.
You will need to consider and plan respectful and appropriate transport and plan for someone to help with moving the coffin to and from the vehicle, and/or a trolley as these are not provided at the crematorium.


  • Liverpool City Council cremation fee: £871
  • Liverpool City Council arrangement fee: £88
  • Liverpool Register Office fee: On application

Other costs to consider include:

  • Coffin
  • Transport (vehicle hire, insurance etc)
  • Flowers, order of service etc
  • Additional fees may apply for medical examiners documents (currently £86)

Enquire about a self-assisted cremation

If you wish to arrange a self-assisted cremation, please complete the online enquiry form. We will need to know:

  • Details of the deceased, including date and place of death
  • If you have received the certificate needed for registering a death.
  • If you have registered the death or have an appointment.

No fees are payable at this point.

Enquire about a self-assisted cremation

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What happens next?

A member of our Bereavement Services Team will contact you within two working days to discuss your request.

Please note, our offices are closed at weekends.