Financial assessment for adoptive parents and carers

The council is required to carry out an annual financial assessment for all adoptive parents and carers currently receiving allowances. 

You will have received a letter from us, telling you that your annual assessment is now due.

You must complete the assessment within 28 days of receiving your letter or delays may result in your payments being suspended.

How to complete your annual assessment

Download the form below and return it to Post Order Assessments, Revenues and Benefits Service, Cunard Buildings, Liverpool, L3 1AH.

You will need to provide details of your income and outgoings. You must also include supporting documentation where required. Photocopies are acceptable - please do not send original documents.

You have a legal responsibility to inform us of any changes to your finances or household or if you move address, as it could affect your entitlement.

What happens next

We'll send you a letter to let you know of any changes to your allowance payments and when these will take effect. This is normally 28 days from the date of the letter.

If you wish to appeal the decision you can do so in writing within 28 days of receiving the decision letter by emailing or write to Children's Services Social Care Complaints Manager, Cunard Buildings, Liverpool, L3 1AH.

How to contact us

If you have any further questions or wish to tell us about a change in your circumstances you can: