When you leave our care

Before you leave care you will write your pathway plan with your social worker. This document sets out your needs, views and ambitions as well as the support you will get to help you achieve your goals.

Your social worker will also introduce you to your personal adviser (PA) who will make sure you access all the support you are entitled to until you turn 21.

If you need support after you turn 21, just contact us to find out more. We can continue to support you until you are 25.

What will my PA do?

Your PA will help you consider your options for living, studying and working and help you make the right choices.

You will meet with your PA at least every two months. If you need more support, you can arrange to see then more often. You can also ask your PA to attend meetings and appointments with you.

We will always try to keep you with the same PA, although this may not always be possible. If you ask for a change of PA we will consider your request.

Additional specialist help

Some young people leaving care in Liverpool may need support from adult services.

If this is the case, your social worker will ask adult services to assess your needs and explain to you what this involves.

If you qualify for support from adult services we can still give you leaving care support as well.

Contact us

Your PA will put you in touch with us, the leaving care team, or you can contact us directly if you need extra support.