Short breaks for disabled children

Every disabled child or young person in Liverpool has the right to inclusive short breaks. We aim to tailor the breaks to meet a child or young person’s assessed needs.

Who can apply?

A child, young person, family or professional can request a break.

How to apply?

Requests for breaks must be made to the  Fusion Short Breaks Hub via Careline.  

What type of break?

We offer a variety of breaks, and a range of services and support packages which help to facilitate breaks. These include:

  • Friendship groups.
  • Overnight holiday breaks.
  • Sitting service.
  • Direct payments.
  • Overnight holiday breaks at Woolton High.
  • Commissioned packages of support.
  • Caravan family holidays.
  • Accredited volunteer training.
  • Support to access childcare and integrated play and youth services.
  •  Travel training.

Where the needs of a child or young person are significant and require intensive or statutory intervention, specialist and targeted services may be offered.

In this case, a full social care assessment will be undertaken to ensure a child or young person’s needs are being met.

Following the assessment, appropriate services can be identified. These may include a stay in one of the following settings:

  • Prescot Drive.
  • Partner families.
  • Any other commissioned services or overnight stays.