Youth and play grant 2022-23

We are seeking applications from not-for-profit youth and play organisations across the city to lead a ward-based consortium, delivering universal youth and play provision in the Norris Green Ward.

Who can apply?

Ward-based consortiums can apply. A ward-based consortium is a group of organisations working together to deliver universal provision within a ward.

Each consortium is led by one lead organisation. It is the lead’s role to:

  • distribute youth and play grant funding to the other organisations within the consortium
  • ensure that youth and play grant funded provision meets the needs of young people in the ward
  • prevent duplication of provision
  • submit quarterly reports to us and to ensure that all providers submit monitoring forms

The other organisations within the consortium are delivery providers. It is their role to provide universal youth provision in the ward.

How much money is available?

£34,020 is available for 2022/23.

How to apply

[Needs privacy notice here]

Apply for a youth and play grant now [links to new online form].

All applications must be received by 12 noon on Wednesday 25th May 2022.

Further information

If you have a query that is not included in the guidance document or FAQs below, please email

Youth and play grant 2022-23 FAQs