Covid-19 vaccinations for PAs

Everyone who holds a direct payment account has been sent a letter about how their PAs, as essential workers, can get vaccinated. If you employ a PA and have not received your letter please call Careline on 0800 0283707 or 0151 233 3800.

Managing your direct payments

Advice for people living in the community who manage their care and support with money from a direct payment account.

If you pay for your own care from a direct payment account, we have written to tell you we are here to support you during the coronavirus outbreak.

If you employ a care provider or personal assistant (PA) your planned care and support may change or be reduced as a result of the outbreak. 

If you need help with your essential care or support needs, or are concerned about your safety, please contact your social work team or call Careline on 0151 233 3800.

Will my payments change?

The amount we pay you will not change during the outbreak.

What happens if my PA is ill or has to self-isolate?

You will need to pay your PA's statutory sick pay if they have to self-isolate or are ill with coronavirus. Find out more about statutory sick pay on GOV.UK.

What happens if I need more money?

You may need to pay for additional or replacement services during the outbreak.

If you are worried that you do not have enough money in your direct payment account to cover these expenses, please call Careline on 0151 233 3800. 

Should I or my PA be wearing PPE?

You or your PA may need to wear PPE (personal protective equipment) if you are shielding or very vulnerable.

If you are finding it hard to get PPE please contact Careline on 0151 233 3800. 

Further advice and help

The following guidance is published on GOV.UK.