Step-by-step guide to putting on and taking off PPE

Before putting on PPE check it is the correct size, ensure you are hydrated, tie hair back, remove any jewellery and perform hand hygiene.

Put on items in this order

  1. Put apron on and tie at waist.
  2. Put face mask on and position the upper straps on the crown of your head, and the lower strap at nape of neck. With both hands, mould the metal strap over the bridge of your nose.
  3. Put on eye protection if required.
  4. Put on gloves.

Take off items in this order

  1. Take off gloves. Grasp the outside of glove with the opposite gloved hand and peel off. Hold the removed glove in the remaining gloved hand. Slide the fingers of the un-gloved hand under the remaining glove at the wrist. Peel the remaining glove off over the first glove and discard.
  2. Clean your hands.
  3. Unfasten or break apron ties at the neck and let the apron fold down on itself. Break ties at waist and fold apron in on itself – do not touch the outside – this will be contaminated. Discard.
  4. Take off eye protection, if worn. Use both hands to handle the straps by pulling away from face and discard.
  5. Clean your hands.