Support for the care sector

Staff in the care home and community care sectors and sector leaders have done an amazing job in continuing their roles in the face of the impacts of Covid-19.

The Liverpool health and care system has been working closely with the sector and public health experts, with the support of the Department of Health and Social Care and other organisations to manage this virus and to support residents and staff. 

The care home sector is an area that has been hardest hit, right across the country, but the community care sector has also been impacted.

Infection Control Fund

On 13th May the Government announced a £600 million Infection Control Fund for adult social care, of which £4.49m will be made available for Liverpool.

The funding was to support adult social care providers to reduce the rate of transmission in and between care homes, and to support workforce resilience.

75% of the funding was passed straight to care homes according to a cash amount ‘per bed’, with the government determining what it can be spent on. The grant was paid in two amounts - one in June and one in July, provided certain conditions are met.

The funding formed part of a wider package of support for care home residents and staff, including on infection prevention control, comprehensive testing and additional clinical support, with a named clinical lead for every care home.

On 1st October 2020, the government announced that the fund has been extended, with revised conditions, until March 2021 with an extra £546m of funding being provided to local authorities.  Liverpool’s allocation of the new funding is £4.5m. We are required to allocate 80% of the funding directly to care homes and CQC registered community care providers in the city. 

Further information

Read more information on the wider package of support on GOV.UK

The documents below provide information on what has been done to support care homes in Liverpool so far and outline what the Infection Control Fund will be used for.

Other financial support for the care sector

We also provided additional financial support to care homes and care and support providers during the Covid-19 pandemic during the period 1st April 2020 to 30th September 2020. This includes domiciliary care, day and community support services, supported living services and services for socially excluded groups.

The documents below summarise this support.