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Kirkdale One Stop Shop

Kirkdale services will move to Spellow Library from October 2021. Until then it will remain in the former One Stop Shop building on Walton Road. 

Find us

Kirkdale One Stop Shop
One Stop Shop building
101 Walton Road
L4 4AG

Kirkdale One Stop Shop offers a full service to help with your council enquiries, including self-service and assisted self-service. Our fully trained staff will be on hand to support you.

To enable us to see customers safely and to keep waiting times short we have introduced an appointment system. To book an appointment call the following numbers between Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm:

  • Revenues appointments (Council tax/Business Rates): 233 3008
  • Benefits appointments 233 3009
  • Blue Badge appointments 233 3000
  • Parking appointments 233 3011
  • Payments appointments 233 3050

If you are calling about multiple enquiries you do not need to book separate appointments. Just tell the adviser on the call and they will book your appointment to cover all areas.

We only accept card payments at this One Stop Shop.

Please do not visit a One Stop Shop if you or someone you have been in contact with has or is showing symptoms of Covid-19. 

Remember, you can access Council TaxHousing Benefit, parking permit enquiries and more online without having to visit a One Stop Shop.

Use the search box at the top of this page to find the service you need or choose a service to view a range of options.

As part of our commitment to improving our services we regularly review what we do and act on your feedback.

Opening hours

Monday 09:30 12:00
Monday 13:00 16:00
Tuesday 09:30 12:00
Tuesday 13:00 16:00
Wednesday 09:30 12:00
Wednesday 13:00 16:00
Thursday 09:30 12:00
Thursday 13:00 16:00
Friday 09:30 12:00
Friday 13:00 16:00