Croxteth Hall and Country Park visitor survey

The Croxteth Hall and Country park visitor survey ran from 10th August to 12th September 2022.

We asked...

With further cuts to council budgets on the horizon and as the cost of maintaining and preserving heritage buildings and green spaces significantly increases, it is more important than ever that commercial opportunities are explored in order to contribute towards Croxteth Hall's ongoing preservation and protection.

The people of Liverpool love Croxteth Hall and so it is important that we hear your voice to help shape our thinking in regard to future commercial ideas for this beautiful and much loved heritage asset, so that future generations can continue to enjoy this space, despite ever-reducing government funding.

We carried out engagement to hear from Liverpool residents and visitors of Croxteth Hall and Park about potential future commercial ideas for this beautiful and much loved heritage asset, so that future generations can continue to enjoy this space. 

The engagement was in relation to:

  • Current usage of the park,
  • Potential future attraction opportunities and whether they would be popular,
  • Visitors views on car parking improvements,
  • Future use of the hall and park

The aim of the engagement was to help us shape our future strategy to maintain the park whilst attracting commercial income to develop and maintain the space.

You said...

The survey took place online and in manual form and ran from 10th August until 12th September 2022.

3,791 people took part in our survey and 2,812 were of the surveys were completed in full. We received input from both local residents and visitors.

Key statistics highlighted the following:

  • 95% of the surveys were completed by residents with a Liverpool post code
  • 59% of respondents were regular visitors to the park
  • 43% walked to the park, 42% drove, 12% cycled and only 3% used public transport
  • 63% were in favour of the introduction of an environmentally friendly car park with 13% not being in favour and 21% of respondents unsure
  • Of those in favour of a car park, 68% were happy to pay a nominal parking fee with 16% not in favour and 16% unsure
  • Potential attractions for consideration were received well, in particular, seasonal activities, a café bistro, food and artisan markets, more activity in the hall, outdoor activities such as crazy golf or climbing and an outdoor train
  • The idea of a pet crematorium in the park was received with mixed reaction with 37% or respondents thinking this was a good idea, 34% disagreeing and 29% of people unsure
  • There were many more ideas put forward such as; more benches / picnic areas, better advertising of events and notice board information, ghost tours, dog walking guidelines and a review of park and gate opening times.

We did...

This engagement has provided a great insight into Croxteth Hall and Park visitor views and opinions, which will help to shape our vision for the hall and park activity going forwards.  We are delighted at the high volume of respondents and the love shown for the hall and park.

It is obvious that everyone wants us to retain the beauty and character of our lovely hall and park whilst ensuring this provision remains for future generations.

Although we may not be able to deliver on all of the suggestions, most will be further explored and this survey has helped us to further define our strategy as well as highlighting where we need to focus future engagement and commercial activity.

These results will inform our procurement strategy for potential suppliers of entertainment in the park.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts, memories and experiences with us.