Adult social care and health budget proposals

Budget 2020/21 proposal items
Reference Description Saving/Income Draft EIA (if available) Further consultation to be carried out?
ASCO1 Supported Living transformation - ensure every individual is supported to live independently in appropriate accommodation with a personal budget £2,500,000 ASC01 Supported Living Transformation Project Yes
ASCO2 Use strength based assessments for clients with low levels of support to become more independent £500,000 ASC02 Strength Based Assessments  No
ASCO3 Review all high cost packages of care and identify person centred alternatives £500,000 ASC03 Review of High Level Need Packages  Yes
ASCO4 Develop telehealth/telecare solutions to manage regular medical prompts for clients £300,000 ASC04 Develop Telehealth and Telecare Solutions to Manage Regular Medical Prompts  No
ASCO5 Maximise reablement resources to support timely discharge from acute beds ££250,000 ASC05 Maximise Reablement Resources to Support Timely Discharge from Acute Beds Yes
ASCO6 Reduce duplication and inefficiency through improved system processes and procedures £350,000   No
ASCO7 Ensure clients have a targeted reablement period before transferring to a chargeable standard package of care £150,000 ASC07 Targeted Reablement Packages No
ASCO8 Review contribution to Safeguarding Board £40,000 ASC08 Review Contribution to Merseyside Safeguarding Board Yes
ASCO9 Improve processes around sickness absence management to reduce reliance on the use of agency staff cover £250,000   No
ASC10 Increased Health contribution to joint funded packages £1,700,000   No
ASC11 Service review of Amethyst House crisis service £200,000 ASC11 Review of Amethyst House Crisis Service Yes
ASC12 Review contribution to Liverpool City Region commissioning function £147,000   No
ASC13 Use Disabled Facilities Grant to capitalise eligible telecare revenue costs £250,000   No
ASC14 Use Disabled Facilities Grant to capitalise eligible community equipment costs £250,000   No
ASC15 Utilise Better Care Fund grant funding £500,000   No
ASC16 Utilise Care Act (Deferred Payment) grant funding £500,000   No
ASC17 Draw down Care Act grant reserve £250,000   No
ASC18 Review options to increase existing client charges, remove charging cap and introduce new charges where possible £1,000,000 ASC18 Review Options to Increase Existing Client Charges and Introduce New Charges  Yes
ASC19 Proactive debt management to reduce loss of income from non payment of client contributions and review the current bad debt provision £500,000   No