Children's social care budget proposals

Budget 2020/21 proposal items
Reference Description Saving/Income Draft EIA (if available) Further consultation to be carried out?
CYPS01 Reduce Looked After Children in residential care through targeted discharge and move to foster care/ home £1,981,320   No
CYPS02 Reduce teenage entrants to residential care through creation of dedicated edge of care team to work with young adolescents £1,000,000 CYPS02 - Create Adolescents Team No
CYPS03 Commission alternative supported lodging/semi independent living schemes for 16/17 year olds and those leaving care £120,000 CYPS03 - Supported Lodgings Yes
CYPS04 Explore and exploit opportunities for use of digital and automation to reduce administration across Directorate £147,783   No
CYPS05 Review high cost of residential care packages through negotiation and improved placement planning £350,000 CYPS05 - Review High Cost of Residential Care No
CYPS06 Review of staffing structures across CYPS Directorate £459,000   No
CYPS07 Reduce budget requirement for commissioned support packages of care £100,000   Yes
CYPS08 Centralise non-pay budgets to control spend and achieve economy of scale in procurement £500,000 CYPS08 - Centralise Non-pay Budgets No
CYPS09 Reduce staff training budgets £100,000   No
CYPS010 Education Psychology - increased income from trading service £140,000   No
CYPS011 Efficient recovery of parent penalty charges for unauthorised school absences and recovery of fees awarded to LCC by Court £50,000   No