City solicitors budget proposals

Budget 2020/21 proposal items
Reference Description Saving/Income Draft EIA (if available) Further consultation to be carried out?
LEG1 Increased Income based on current increased number of ceremonies £120,000   No
LEG2 Increase non-statutory fees for ceremonies £15,000   No
LEG3 Improve accounting of income based on current volumes of planning applications and sales of land and buildings £124,000   No
LEG4 Increase fees for highways and planning agreements from £1200 to £1500 £27,000   No
LEG5 Improve accounting of income from Legacy Littering prosecutions £290,000   No
LEG6 Charging to deliver Data Protection training to schools £29,000   No
LEGO7 Review of non-pay budgets in City Solicitors £56,000   No