Consultation on fairer charging for non-residential adult social care

Start date: 22nd October 2020
End date: 30th December 2020

What we're consulting on

This consultation is on proposed changes to the adult services non-residential charging policy which will impact on those who receive care in their own home or in supported living. 

So that we can continue to deliver services for those most in need, we are considering the option of asking those who can afford to pay for their care to do so. How much they would pay would be determined through an individual financial assessment.

As a recent review of the non-residential charging policy has resulted in the following proposals:

  • remove the maximum weekly charge which is currently capped at £222.13 so no-one pays more than this, whatever their income
  • remove the 10 per cent disregard relating to housing costs in any financial assessment, as accurate housing costs used
  • increase the charge for non-residential services to match the actual cost of care
  • introduce charges when we look after pets when a person is in hospital

Of those people affected by these proposals:

  • 52.4% of non-residential clients would not see any increase as a result of the proposed changes
  • 47.6% (2,344) of non-residential clients, would have some changes
  • the vast majority of people would see an increase of around £5 per week
  • a small number of people in the highest wealth bracket would be required to pay for the full cost of their care

Whatever changes are made to the policy, people will still receive a financial assessment and no-one will ever be asked to pay more than they can afford.

How to comment

In order to decide whether to implement these changes we must ask people who receive services how they think they will be affected.

Your feedback will help us decide whether to retain the current system or implement the proposed changes.

Comment now using our online survey

Anyone who receives adult care services arranged by us will  receive a survey in the post, however, are welcome to complete the online survey as an alternative.

The closing date for comments is midnight on 30th December 2020.

What happens to my views?

All feedback from the consultation will be considered and a decision will be made and the outcome will be published on this website. 

This consultation period has been extended and therefore, should a decision be made to implement the following proposal, the date any change would take effect is currently subject to review:

  • removing the maximum charge for providing non-residential care. This is currently capped at £222.13 per week.

If any of the following proposals are implemented following this extended period, the changes will take effect from April 2021:

  • removing the 10 per cent disregard
  • increasing the hourly charge for non-residential services from £10 per hour to match the full cost of care, which currently ranges from £14.09 to £16.50 per hour
  • introducing a new charge for looking after pets.

If you receive care services and may be affected by these proposals, you will only require a new financial assessment if your financial circumstances have changed.

Contact us

If you would like the questionnaire to be provided in another format, please contact or contact Careline on 0151 233 3800.

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