Consultation on Lime Street experimental traffic regulation order

Start date: 3rd October 2022 
End date: 2nd April 2023

Lime Street cycle park areaLime Street cycle park area view 2

What are we consulting on?

We are undertaking statutory consultation on a experimental traffic regulation order (TRO) for measures associated with the Lime Street Connectivity Scheme.

The experimental TRO for the Lime Street Connectivity scheme starts on 3rd October 2022 and will be in effect until 2nd April 2024.

This traffic order is aimed at promoting active travel, reducing congestion and pollution, and improving safety along this key corridor. The outcome of the consultation will determine the amendments that would be made before the proposals are made permanent.

All traffic – except buses, taxis, private hire vehicles, bikes and access for loading/unloading – will be prohibited from heading into Lime Street (between London Road and St George's Place) and on St George’s Place.  

Other measures that have been introduced as part of the scheme include installation of two-way segregated cycle lane in Lime Street (between Coperras Hill and London Road), a bus link in Lime Street (between St George's Place and Skelhorne Street), coach bays, loading bays, relocated disabled bays, a new bus stop outside North Western Hotel and reducing the speed limit in the area to 20 mph.

Access to St John’s Car Park and Holiday Inn will be maintained via Skelhorne Street and Elliot Street.

How to comment

The consultation process is defined by The Local Authorities' Traffic Orders (Procedure) (England and Wales) Regulations 1996’. Any objections or comments about the experimental TRO order must be sent to quoting the following reference: LS/RT/ETRO 10338A/TM 3673/2052.3563.

What happens to my views?

We ask for your details on the consultation so that we can contact you to discuss your any objections that you may have on the measures. Your comments may be included in the consultation report given to committee and published on this website, but your name and details will not appear next to them.

All comments will be kept solely for the purposes of this consultation and will be destroyed 18 months after it closes.

What happens next?

A report on the consultation responses will be sent to the Committee in October 2023 for a decision to amend the traffic order or to make it permanent.

Further information

For further information about this consultation please email