Consultation on the renewal of the city centre Public Space Protection Order

Start date: 23rd November 2022
End date: 16th December 2022

What are we consulting on?

The council is seeking to extend the public spaces protection order which covers parts of the city centre area of Liverpool for a further three years.

The order would ban people from offering any items, materials or services to the public with a view to obtaining money. It would also ban people from engaging in any street performance or display with a view to obtaining money. There would be exceptions to this such as buskers, licenced charity collectors and taxi drivers.

It would also require that any person wishing to offer any item or carry out any performance or display that is aimed at attracting children has have to have permission to do this from the council who can, before granting this permission, ask for certain documentation such as a disclosure and barring service certificate.

Any person contravening the order commits an offence punishable by a fine.

The order was introduced because the council considered that the activities concerned where having a detrimental effect on the quality of life of people using this area of the city centre and upon the wellbeing of children and the council believes that if the order is not extended then these detrimental activities will return.

How to comment

We’d like to hear your views on this proposal. Please fill in our quick online survey using the button below.

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What happens to my views?

We ask for your details on the survey so we can contact you to discuss your comments if we need to. Your comments may be included in the consultation report given to committee and published on this website, but your name and details will not appear next to them.

All comments will be kept solely for the purposes of this consultation and will be destroyed 12 months after it closes.

What happens next?

The results of the consultation will be reported to the council’s Highways and Public Spaces Representation Committee which will decide whether to proceed with the proposed order. If implemented the order will be the subject of further publicity.

Further information