Finance and resources budget proposals

Budget 2020/21 proposal items
Reference Description Saving/Income Draft EIA (if available) Further consultation to be carried out?
F&R1 Premises Management Service - Review of staffing and delivery model £436,000   No
F&R2 Corporate landlord and central facilities management function - all budgets will be centralised and spend prioritised £600,000   No
F&R3 Increase in Investment Income through Treasury Management £400,000   No
F&R4 Reduction in staffing due to Universal Credit implementation £460,000   No
F&R5 Reduction in non-pay budgets £40,000   No
F&R6 Remodelling of Customer Contact provision (One Stop Shops) £1,500,000 FR6 Remodelling of Customer Contact Provision Yes
F&R7 Savings from review of staffing structures in Customer Services Division £250,000   No
F&R8 Review of staffing structures in Digital Services £90,000   No
F&R9 Reduction in non-pay costs £20,000   No
F&R10 External income £5,000   No
F&R11 Review of ICT service £900,000   No
F&R12 Reduction in Telephony costs (Broadband, IPVPN, fixed telephony) £170,000   No
F&R13 Reduction in Software/Other Computing £150,000   No
F&R14 Reduction in Overtime £121,000   No
F&R15 Review staff travel to satellite offices and customer sites £10,000   No
F&R16 Reduction in non-pay budgets across People & Talent division £140,000   No
F&R17 People and Talent review of internal service levels £103,000   No
F&R18 Property Asset Management - additional income £100,000   No