Integrated Wellness Service public consultation

Start date: Wednesday 11th May 2022
End date: Friday 10th June 2022

What are we consulting on?

We are proposing to introduce a new wellbeing service to Liverpool that will help our residents to access a range of services to enable them to achieve and maintain their own good wellness. This will be called an Integrated Wellness Service.

The Integrated Wellness Service will start by understanding strengths of individuals, what makes them feel good and what positive things they could do to feel better. It also acknowledges the challenges people face and the help required to overcome them. 

It will provide a single-entry point to wellbeing support for our residents who want to address either a lifestyle behaviour (for example, smoking and weight management etc) and/or need support with their mental health and other issues that might be negatively impacting on their health (for example, debt, loneliness, bereavement etc).

Who can comment?

The purpose of this consultation is to listen to how well Liverpool residents currently feel and to understand the factors that contribute to, or get in the way of, feeling well. Your views will help to ensure the proposed Integrated Wellness Service can most appropriately meet the needs of residents of the city.   

How to comment

We would like to hear your views on this proposal. Please fill in our quick online survey using the button below.

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What happens to my views?

Your comments may be included in the consultation report and published on this website, but your name will not appear next to them.

All comments will be kept solely for the purposes of this consultation and will be destroyed 12 months after it closes.

What happens next?

The responses we receive will be analysed and the findings used to inform more detailed questions to be asked in a series of one to one interviews and focus groups.

At these sessions key issues raised will be explored in more depth to enhance our understanding of how the proposed new service should be most appropriately developed to meet the needs of our local population.

Further information

If you have any questions about this consultation please email