Regeneration budget proposals

Budget 2020/21 proposal items
Reference Description Saving/Income Draft EIA (if available) Further consultation to be carried out?
REG1 Highways Maintenance contract efficiencies £100,000 REG1 - Highways Maintenance Contract Efficiencies No
REG2 Review of staffing structures - Highways, Parking, Planning & Markets £450,000   No
REG3 Review of staffing structure - Investment and Development £200,000   No
REG4 Review of staffing structure - Housing and Voids £177,000   No
REG5 Review of staffing structure - Invest Liverpool £60,000   No
REG6 Review of staffing structure - Directorate Office £45,000   No
REG7 Reduce planning consultation costs £10,000 REG7 - Reduce Consultation Costs Yes
REG8 Reduce agency fees £100,000 REG8 - Reduce Agency Fees No
REG9 Review Highways Fees and Charges for Highways functions £100,000 REG9 - Review Highways fees and charges No
REG10 Rebate from Highways Planned and Core Framework £182,000 REG10 - Rebate from Highways Planned and Core Frameworks No
REG11 Explore options to recycle materials arising from Highways Investment Programme £100,000   No
REG12 Additional highways advertising on development site hoarding £50,000   No
REG13 Increase parking fees £500,000   No
REG14 Increase Planning pre-application fees £50,000 REG14 - Increase Planning Pre-application Fees No
REG15 Introduce pre-application fees for householder applications £10,000   No
REG16 Fast track tree application service £10,000 REG16 - Fast Track Tree Application Service No
REG17 Staff realignment and Review of staffing structure - Marketing £80,000   No
REG18 Obtain additional sponsorship for events £150,000 REG18 - Additional Sponsorship For Events No
REG19 Do not recruit to existing Highways vacancies £300,000   No