Consultation on new private hire driver licence conditions

Consultation on new private hire driver licence conditions

Start date: 1st June 2018
End date: 31st July 2018

What are we consulting on?

We're proposing to introduce new licence conditions designed to increase the standards and professionalism expected of private hire drivers. These conditions will also help maintain the safety of passengers and public confidence in the service.

The new and updated conditions include:

  • Updated and more stringent conditions that relate to offences and convictions, and how drivers should report them to us.
  • A new requirement for drivers to name the licensed operator they receive bookings from.
  • A new condition that states that drivers must attend courses and training, including a child sex exploitation awareness course.
  • A requirement which means drivers must report accidents and damage to their vehicles.
  • New conditions that require high standards of conduct from drivers which will help to maintain public safety and confidence.
  • An updated condition that relates to no smoking in licensed vehicles and a new zero policy on electric smoking devices.
  • New rules on how drivers must deal with property left in vehicles.

How to comment

We'd like to hear your views on this proposal if you will be affected by them. Please read the document in full and then fill in our quick online survey using the button below.

Complete our online survey

What happens to my views?

We ask for your details on the survey so we can contact you to discuss any of your comments, if we need. Your responses may be included in the consultation report passed to the licensing committee and published on this website, but your name and details will not appear next to them.

What happens next?

Consultation results will be fed back to the licensing committee on 4th September 2018. Once agreed, the revised and updated conditions will be sent out to licensed drivers and operators, and published on this website.

Further information

If you have any questions about this consultation please email