Let’s talk about where you live

Let’s talk about where you live

We know great work is going on in Liverpool's neighbourhoods - work that brings people together and makes us all proud to live in this city.

We believe the regeneration of Liverpool goes far beyond the city centre, and that the key to its success is investment in our communities and local projects.

We want to hear about the small and big things that happen in your area that make you proud. It might be your busy local youth group, a creative volunteer-led project or an active residents' association.

Tell us about them so that we can help build on these successes together and create a city where everyone enjoys a better quality of life, wherever they live in Liverpool.

Tell us what you think

Please tell us about what's happening where you live by using our online survey below. You can also speak to us when we are in your area or at an event near you.

You’ve got until Friday 13th December 2019 to join in the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tell us about where you live