These datasets provide a range of statistics about Liverpool's economic performance and the size, nature and dynamics of the City's businesses.

Economic performance statistics
Link Description
GVA Gross Value Added by Local Authority
GVA per head Gross Value Added by head of population
GVA indices Gross Value Added indices by head of population
GVA by industry Gross Value Added by Local Industries in Liverpool
GDP Gross Domestic Product by Local Authority
GDP per head Gross Domestic Product by head of population
GDP indices Gross Domestic Product indices by head of population
Labour Productivity Labour Productivity by per hour worked and per job filled
Job Density Ration of jobs in the area to resident population
Number of businesses Counts of local units by Local Authority
Business start-ups Rates and counts of start-up businesses by Local Authority
Business closures Rates and counts of business closures by Local Authority
3 year survival rate Percentage of new businesses that survive for at least three years

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