Liverpool Schools Investment Programme

Liverpool Schools Investment Programme

The Liverpool Schools Investment Programme (LSIP) was created by the Mayor of Liverpool in 2010 when the government scrapped Building Schools for the Future.

With £180m and over an eight year period, more than 14,000 pupils and students directly benefited from LSIP which transformed 22 of the city’s primary and secondary schools into the new, modern learning environments that Liverpool's children and young people deserve. The programme:

  • Generated £45m from the sale of old and vacant school sites.
  • Completed 15 new schools, three new builds and four extensions or new blocks. 
  • Created 10 new housing sites with a total of 650 new homes, all of which generated council tax to fund essential services. 
  • Spent 62% of project funds with Liverpool firms.
  • Created 2,000 construction jobs and 200 apprenticeships.

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The school improvements we delivered...

  • Abbots Lea School

    Abbots Lea School

    An outstanding special school that provides the highest quality of education for students aged 3-19 living with autism and a range of associated learning differences. Completed in 2013. 
    Abbots Lea's website

  • Archbishop Beck School

    Archbishop Beck College

    £18m college completed in 2014. Includes a sports hall with six courts, a theatre, recording and dance studios.
    Archbishop Beck's website.

  • Archbishop Blanch School

    Archbishop Blanch School

    £16m new building completed in 2015 includes new sports facilities, theatre and dance studio, plus a new prayer room with stained glass from the two founding schools. 
    Archbishop Blanch's website.

  • Bank View High School

    Bank View High School

    Bank View caters for autistic pupils and those with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Part of a £10m project along with Redbridge.
    Visit Bank View's website.

  • Bellerive College

    Bellerive College

    £5.6m new teaching and sixth form building completed in 2016. 15 new classrooms, a performing arts space, music facilities, a sixth form centre and a bistro.
    Visit Bellerive's website.

  • Birtenshaw


    £5m new school to replace the former Dyson Hall. New school facilities will include specially designed classrooms, sensory rooms and a 25-metre hydrotherapy pool.
    Visit Birtenshaw's website.

  • Childwall Abbey School

    Childwall Abbey School

    £6m new school completed in 2016 providing education for students with moderate and severe learning difficulties, including autistic spectrum conditions and other additional needs.
    Visit Childwall Abbey's website.

  • Holly Lodge College

    Holly Lodge College

    £7m revamp of the school site completed in 2015 with new humanities classrooms, arts, music and drama spaces, activity hall, plus a sixth form with a central atrium and café. 
    Visit Holly Lodge's website.

  • Millstead Primary School

    Millstead Primary

     £6m new school building for 105 pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties, and autism. Includes hydrotherapy pool, and rooms with physiotherapy and sensory support.
    Visit Millstead's website

  • New Heights

    New Heights

    £3.5m new pupil referral unit which educates children excluded from mainstream education, relocated from Gateacre and completed in 2018.

  • New Park Primary

    New Park Primary

    £5m new building with a cooking room, interactive cinema, outdoor classrooms with canopies, and a Spanish Steps-inspired area for assemblies and performances.
    Visit New Park's website.

  • Northway Primary

    Northway Primary

    £5m new building with a dedicated cooking room, an interactive cinema, outdoor classrooms, plus an area for assemblies and performances.
    Visit Northway's website.

  • Notre Dame College

    Notre Dame College

    A new £15m school for 1,000 students and 120 staff and is  a light, airy and spacious building. Built in 12 months and completed in 2013. 
    Visit Notre Dame's website.

  • Palmerston School

    Palmerston School

     £7m new building completed in 2017. Includes a sports hall and dining hall, hydrotherapy and splash pools along with sensory learning space.
    Visit Palmerston's website.

  • Redbridge


    Part of a £10m project with Bank View completed in 2015. Refurbishment included specialist facilities such as a hydrotherapy pool, sensory rooms and a soft play area.
    Visit Redbridge's website.

  • Sandfield Park

    Sandfield Park

    Sandfield Park caters for pupils with physical disabilities and a wide range of associated learning difficulties. 
    Visit Sandfield Park's website.

  • St Francis Xavier College

    St Francis Xavier College

    £7.6m investment in a new science complex, sports hall and music suite completed in 2015. With multi-use games area and 26 acres of playing fields. 
    Visit SFX's website.

  • St Hilda’s School

    St Hilda’s School

    £15m new building completed in 2015. Includes specially equipped science labs with preparation rooms, new library and new chapel. 
    Visit St Hilda's website.

  • St John Bosco College

    St John Bosco College

    £18m new building completed in 2014. Includes performance area, drama and dance studios. Also has super-sized science labs and new gym. 
    Visit St John Bosco's website

  • St Julie’s School

    St Julie’s School

    £20m new school completed in 2017. Includes a spacious dining room, new chapel, eight fully-equipped science laboratories, a sports hall and two learning resource centres.
    Visit St Julie's website.

  • St Margaret’s Academy

    St Margaret’s Academy

    £2 million teaching block completed in 2016 which houses a food technology lab, drama hall and theatre. The school has extend its range of courses as a consequence.
    Visit St Margaret's website.