Public Health 2023-24 budget proposals

Liverpool City Council receives a Public Health ring fenced grant of £46.524m (2022/23).

This grant is to be used for:

  • Public Health leadership, advice, influence and shaping of the whole system to protect and improve the health of the public
  • Provision/commission of Statutory and Mandatory services, including health visitors, school nurses, addiction services, smoking cessation and sexual health services
  • Statutory advice to the NHS

Financial pressures

Government funding for local authority public health budgets has been substantially cut since 2015/16. (24 per cent lower in real terms in 2021/22 compared to 2015/16).

Approx. 18% (£8m) of PH grant is currently used to fund LCC Preventative Activity in Adults, Childrens and Neighbourhoods, including funding for addiction rehab, children and family centres, healthy homes, tobacco enforcement unit and corporate intelligence.

Approach to savings and transformation

Public Health’s approach to savings and transformation has been to identify unallocated grant funding in 2023/24 due to a small increase in grant funding in 2022/23, and as a result of transformation and procurement of community sexual health services, and to redirect this grant funding to wider LCC preventative activity.

There will be additional transformation of PH services in future years (addictions, healthy child programme, weight management services) which will allow additional grant funding to be redirected to wider LCC preventative activity.

In addition to the above, a planned non-statutory integrated wellness service will be put on hold, and instead the thinking incorporated into the new emerging neighbourhood delivery model.