Our Liverpool Strategy 2019-2022

This strategy sets out the Our Liverpool vision of making Liverpool a welcoming and safe place for refugees, people seeking asylum and other vulnerable migrants to rebuild their lives. It outlines the challenges that refugees and communities face and sets out our resources, our approach and our long term aims and objectives from 2019 to 2022.

Realising this vision of Liverpool as a welcoming and safe city for all refugees, people seeking asylum and vulnerable migrants is an ambitious task, particularly during such challenging economic times and the uncertainty posed by Brexit which will inevitably impact on migrants living in the UK.

Refugees, people seeking asylum and other vulnerable migrants will be included in the implementation of this strategy through a migrant group.

We have consulted extensively with our partners to develop our shared vision and will work collaboratively with our partners in implementing and monitoring this strategy. This strategy is intended for the city as a whole and is not limited to the work of the council.