Children’s Transformation Plan

The Children’s Transformation Programme has produced this plan for the delivery of a new model of care and support for children and families in Liverpool based on our vision: 'To improve outcomes and reduce inequalities for children, young people and families through an integrated, community focused model of care and support'.

To achieve this vision the Children’s Transformation Programme intends to drive the reorganisation of services and resources based on clear evidence that community focused care and support can best address modifiable risk factors to mediate their impact on our population.

We aim to strengthen collaborative working between primary and secondary care to unify clinical delivery, while promoting working in an integrated way with local authority colleagues to sharpen the focus on the child’s learning and development needs, and support for carers. The system will work together to provide outcome-focused, child and family-centred services.

Our new model will have a primary goal of laying down the foundations for good health and wellbeing in children and young people, tackling the social determinants of illness, and building resilience in families.