Lark Lane SCIP

SCIP introduced: 3rd March 2012 - view the Licensing Policy.

Area covered: View the map of the Lark Lane SCIP area

What does the SCIP policy mean for premises in this area?

If you do decide to make an application, you are advised to contact the relevant Responsible Authorities before you apply to discuss your operating schedule. You should give consideration to potential cumulative impact issues when setting out the steps you will take to promote the licensing objectives in your application and propose such measures that will ensure that there will not be any negative cumulative impact on one or more of the licensing objectives.

The effect of the SCIP is that is if anyone applies for a grant of a new premises licence or a variation of an existing premises licence that includes the supply of alcohol for consumption on the premises, then there is a presumption against granting such an application where it is considered likely to add to the existing cumulative impact (see exemptions below). This presumption will only be triggered in the event of a relevant representation from a responsible authority or any other person which refers to the licensing objectives of crime and disorder and public nuisance. If there are no representations the Authority must grant the application as applied for.

If representations are made, a Sub-committee of the Authority will hear those representations and conclude whether or not the presumption against granting should apply. This will normally be the case unless the applicant can demonstrate in their application and operating schedule that the proposals will not add to the cumulative impact on any of the relevant of the licensing objectives and that the Authority would therefore be justified in departing from the SCIP in the light of the individual circumstances of the case.

Exemptions for applications in respect of certain types of premises in the SCIP for Lark Lane

Applications for the grant of a new licence or variation of an existing licence in respect of the following types of premises are not affected by the existence of the SCIP:

  • Off-licences
  • Late Night Refreshment premises
  • Applications for a Minor Variation of the premises licence (except where this may increase the occupant capacity of the premises)
  • Applications for a premises transfer or DPS variation
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