Liverpool City Council Plan 2022-2025

The Liverpool City Council Plan 2022-2025 outlines a vision for a trusted, aspirational and learning council, enabling a thriving and sustainable city for everyone.

A total of 48% of residents - and 57% of children - live in neighbourhoods that are among the 10% most deprived in England (source: Indices of Deprivation 2019)Both men and women in Liverpool can expect to live for 3.3 years less than the English average, and those living in Church ward can expect to live 12.7 years longer than those in Everton.

Whilst the city has seen a steady and substantial increase in the proportion of residents educated to graduate level, the proportion of residents with no qualifications at all has remained at twice the national average for the past decade.

There will be a relentless focus on reducing health inequalities, improving education attainment and reshaping the economy to help address in-work poverty, job insecurity, whilst ensuring a living income for those in work and supporting those not in work.

There are eight strategic themes:

  • A strong and vibrant and fair economy for all, green and affordable homes 
  • High quality education, skills and employment for all
  • Happier, healthier and independent lives 
  • Children and young people enjoy the best quality of life and reach their full potential
  • A sustainable, accessible and greener Liverpool for all 
  • A culturally diverse, internationally ambitious and authentic city for all 
  • Thriving, empowered and compassionate communities for all
  • A well-run council

The Council Plan sets out our organisation’s contribution to delivering the vision and long-term ambitions contained within the City Plan, which is collectively owned by, and developed with, the leaders of the city’s largest organisations and networks. 

It also incorporates how the council will deliver the Strategic Improvement Plan, the list of actions agreed with the government commissioners.

The ambition of the Council Plan will be measured using the following indicators: