Strategic Improvement Plan

This Strategic Improvement Plan sets out what we need to do as an organisation to deliver the best possible services and improved outcomes for the people of Liverpool.

The Best Value Inspection and Directions placed on the council mean there are things we have to do and achieve this but what sits at the heart of this plan is a desire for a whole council approach to improvement which will make a difference to the services we deliver and the experiences of our communities, partners and the city’s businesses. 

This plan is owned and led by the council, with government-appointed Commissioners helping to oversee its development and implementation. It sets out the core outcomes we will need to achieve and a phased approach to delivery. 

Success in delivering this plan will mean that we have councillors and officers who are empowered to work to the best of their abilities. It will mean equality and inclusion, social value and environmental impact are at the heart of our policy and decision-making processes.