Scam email alert - Covid-19 business grant applicants

If you receive an email appearing to be from Direct Gov or GOV.UK requesting personal information about your business grant application, please do not respond - it is a fake account. Grant schemes are being managed locally and all communication will come directly from a Liverpool City Council mailbox. 

Applications for the Small Business and Retail, and Hospitality and Leisure Grant Schemes

The application process for the Small Business and Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant Schemes closed at midnight on 28th August 2020 as required by the Government. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to accept any applications for either scheme.

If you have submitted an application for one of these grants, we will process your application and provide you with a decision on your entitlement as soon as possible, but no later than 30th September 2020.

If you are refused a grant

If your application is refused we will email or write to you to inform you of our decision. Whilst there is no legal right of appeal, in certain circumstances you can ask us to review our decision.

Before you ask us to review the decision, read the government guidance for the small business grant and retail, hospitality and leisure grant funds. This guidance sets out the rules around entitlement to the funds.  We will not consider a review if:

  • The rateable value is too high (£51,000 or above).
  • It occupies a shared workspace, which is not divisible according to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).
  • The business has asked that its valuation is reviewed by the VOA, i.e. where check, challenge and appeal had been initiated but not concluded before 11th March.

The scheme is based on the rating list and the ratepayer on 11th March 2020. However, local authorities have discretion to depart from this where:

  • we have reason to believe the information held about the ratepayer on 11th March is wrong, we may award the grant to the correct ratepayer; and
  • it was factually clear to us on 11th March 2020 that the rating list was inaccurate (i.e. either/or the identification of the hereditament or the rateable value was inaccurate) then we may award the grant based on our view of the accurate rating list.

We can also review the decision if you believe your property was refused as it does not meet the retail, hospitality and leisure criteria and you think your business has been wrongly classified.

How to request a review

If you want us to review the decision, please email with 'Review of Business Grant Decision' in the subject field, and include:

  • The name, address and grant application number for your business.
  • A statement as to why you believe the decision should be looked at again.

We aim to respond within 10 working days of receiving your review request. The final date for consideration of applications is 30th September 2020.