Consultation on a proposed controlled parking zone across Liverpool city centre

Start date: Monday 14th November 2022
End date: Monday 12th December 2022

We want members of the public, businesses, residents and commuters to tell us their views on proposals that will affect the operation of the existing controlled parking zone (CPZ) across Liverpool city centre.

This consultation will be open for four weeks (28 days) during which time residents, businesses and interested parties will be able to make comments on the proposed changes.

The consultation process is being managed in a fair and transparent way to ensure opinions from all stakeholders can be obtained. This will help inform whether any amendments should be made to the proposed changes.

There will be a further opportunity for interested parties to make formal representations in support of, or to object to the proposals when the necessary Traffic Orders, required to legally enact the changes, are advertised.

What are we consulting on?

The council is consulting members of the public, businesses, residents, and commuters to obtain their views on proposals that will affect the operation of the existing Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) across Liverpool City Centre. The Liverpool CPZ is a regulated area within the city centre where on-street parking is restricted by law between the hours of 8am to 6pm.

The proposals are aimed at reducing congestion, improving air quality, safety, and journey times through the modernisation of parking across the City Centre. This will support Liverpool in being a clean, modern and dynamic City, one which helps its local businesses and residents thrive.

The proposals include:

  • extending the existing hours of operation to between 7am and 11pm
  • creating one single CPZ by combining the existing Inner and Outer Zones
  • creating 14 smaller sub zones within the CPZ to improve operation
  • standardising the parking times for pay and display bays to a maximum stay of 2 hours, with no return within 1 hour
  • introducing a tariff increase of 10p per half hour for on-street pay and display bays.

The consultation is expected to provide the council with feedback from those who may be affected by the proposals, to help better understand the impact of the proposed changes. This will allow the council to consider any adjustments to the proposals where deemed necessary.

What are the proposed changes?

To address the congestion and traffic management issues, significant changes are required to ensure the CPZ is fit for purpose now and in the future, and also to ensure that access to the city centre is managed effectively. We are not planning to introduce any restrictions on how vehicles enter the city centre, but changes are being proposed to how people park on-street.

To support local businesses and residents, an extension to the hours of operation to between 7am and 11pm will make more spaces available for those who have residents and business permits. A standard 2-hour parking time will encourage a better turnover of the existing on-street parking spaces and encourage long-term parking into off-street car parks. A shorter stay-period will prioritise spaces nearest to shops and amenities for those users who require direct access and will help motorists make more informed choices before accessing the city centre.

An increase in the parking charges by 10p per half hour will help to cover the cost of the changes required and contribute to the ongoing operation and enforcement of the CPZ. The proposed new charge will still be significantly lower than other Core Cities across the UK.

Combining the Inner and Outer Controlled Zones will help provide a consistent and standardised approach across the City Centre, reduce confusion and provide greater clarity for motorists and City Centre users. A number of sub zones will help to manage residents and business parking permits. No changes are proposed to existing permit schemes at this stage.

Zone maps

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How to comment

It is important that everyone who may be affected by the proposals has an opportunity to comment to help the Council understand specific concerns and to consider adjustments to the proposals. Please share your thoughts by taking part and completing the online survey.

Complete our survey now

The survey will take approximately five minutes to complete. The closing date for responses is 5pm on Monday 12th December 2022.

If you are unable to respond online, paper copies of the questionnaire will be available at Central Library, William Brown Street.

Copies of the questionnaire in different languages or in braille can be provided upon request.

Alternatively please write to: Parking Services (CPZ Parking Survey), Liverpool City Council, Cunard Building, Water Street, Liverpool, L3 1AH.

What happens to my views?

Your views will be collected, anonymised, and analysed to help decisions to be made about what needs to happen to the CPZ proposals. Your feedback will be collated by Liverpool City Council under the protocols of the Council’s privacy notice for the purpose of this consultation. Any information that is requested by 3rd parties, if considered appropriate to share will have any personal data that could identify the respondent removed or changed before files are shared.

What happens next?

Comments are being invited on the above proposed changes over the next 4 weeks. The results of this voluntary consultation will help to inform the CPZ proposals. Once the Council are satisfied that it has addressed any concerns as far as it is possible to do, the Council will commence the formal Traffic Regulation order consultation. This will be formally advertised and affected parties will be given the opportunity to support or object to the proposals.

Further information

If you have any specific queries about this consultation, please email

Background information

In 2018 Liverpool City Council carried out an extensive review of its parking functions, including the operation and effectiveness of the City Centre Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ).

Since the introduction of the existing CPZ in 1995, Liverpool City Centre has gone through significant changes and expansion. New developments, changes to the use of existing streets and highways, the introduction of new pedestrianised areas and new off-street car parks, have all resulted in an increased demand in on-street parking within the City Centre.

This has placed pressure on the highway capacity and available road space, leading to traffic congestion, unsafe parking practices, short commuter journeys by car, long-stay use of on-street parking bays and overall, creating a poor environment for all City Centre users. A growing demand for better access to shops, services, and amenities, particularly because of Liverpool’s growing night-time economy has resulted in on-street parking bays becoming congested during the evenings and restricting those users who may have a genuine need to park on-street.

These factors all affect the operation of the CPZ, how it is enforced and have challenged whether in its current form it remains fit for purpose.