Echo Arena car park fire

Echo Arena car park fire

If your vehicle was in the Liverpool Waterfront car park at the time of the fire, please contact your insurance company to make a claim.

To do this you will need to quote either the Merseyside FireĀ & Rescue incident number 33394 or the Merseyside Police incident number 201712310650, along with the date of the fire which was 31st December 2017.

All insurance providers with policies affected by the fire have been contacted to inform them that demolition work at the car park site is due to start. The demolition will include the removal of all vehicles from the site. Please contact your insurance policy provider directly with any claims or questions to do with your policy, including the recovery of personal items.

We are committed to being open, transparent and helpful as possible. Should you have any further queries please fill out the form below with your contact details, information about your vehicle and circumstances.

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