Environmental problems

Report a problem with trees, plants or hedges

We can only act on trees, plants or hedges causing an issue on public land and highways, not on privately-owned land. 

Dangerous or fallen trees

If a tree looks dangerous, or has fallen and is blocking the road or pavement please call 0151 233 3001 - Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. Outside these hours call Merseyside Police on 999 or 101.

Trees that have damaged your property

If a tree that stands on public land or a highway which is the responsibility of the council damages your property:

Report root damage to your property

If roots from a tree which is the responsibility of the council cause damage to your property, please see the information below. 

  • If the tree is the suspected cause of subsidence or heave, please contact your building insurance company who will liaise with our claims department on your behalf.
  • If tree roots have caused significant direct damage to your driveway, garden boundary wall, foundations or drains, please submit a claim form to us. This is the only way to raise a claim.

Once a claim form has been submitted, your case will be reviewed by our specialist legal department. Please do not raise additional complaints about the same issue via other routes, such as our Have Your Say process, as these claims can only be dealt with by our specialist legal department.

Report any other issue

You can use the form below to report:

  • problem branches
  • hedges or plants that need pruning
  • nuisance trees

Report a tree problem 

Read our privacy notice which tells you how we use your data.

Other issues with trees, plants or hedges

For information about tree preservation orders, unauthorised work being carried out on protected trees and high hedge disputes, please visit the planning section.