Inclusive Growth Plan

The Mayor of Liverpool’s Inclusive Growth Plan is about making Liverpool one of the best cities in the world; a city that is known for its creative reinvention, passion, resilience, and its commitment to community and fairness.

The plan provides an ambitious vision for Liverpool: a strong and growing city, built on fairness.

There are six aims that will deliver the vision:

  • Investing in our children and young people.
  • People who live well and age well.
  • Quality homes in thriving neighbourhoods.
  • A strong and inclusive economy.
  • A connected and accessible city with quality infrastructure.
  • Liverpool - the most exciting city in the UK.

The Inclusive Growth Plan is supported by a Transformation Plan, which sets out how the council will change the way it works with residents and stakeholders, and an Investment Strategy, which formalises the council’s approach to investing its resources to deliver the plan’s priorities.

Liverpool’s greatest asset will always be its people and the city council will develop new ways of working that empower citizens and stakeholders to play a greater role in shaping services and improving the city and all of its neighbourhoods.