Homes for a Pound

The pilot for Homes for a Pound launched in 2013 in the Granby Four Streets area of Liverpool, closely followed by a second phase in Anfield and Picton.

The latest phase, which is the focus of a Channel 4 documentary aired in February 2018, sees empty terraced homes off Smithdown Road come back to life. The properties, which are two and three bedroom houses, are located in Garrick Street, Bird Street, Richardson Street and Webster Road.

In total more than 2,500 people have applied to be part of the Homes for a Pound scheme, which requires families to not sell their house for five years after buying it. 100 families have now been allocated properties and more are being lined up for a new home in a further phase.

Homes for a Pound is one of a range of measures Liverpool City Council is using to bring a total of 6,000 empty houses back into use. 1,500 properties have already been brought back into use since 2014, and in 2018 we are establishing a new housing company which is set to build or refurbish approximately 10,000 homes over a 10-15 year period.

Due to the oversubscription of the scheme we are no longer taking new applications for Homes for a Pound.