Search is on for owners of empty homes

The vacant property team is seeking information about the owners of the following properties:

  • 12 Longmoor Lane, L9 0EF
  • 207 Longmoor Lane, L9 0ED
  • 31 Sedgemoor Road, L11 3BN
  • 7 Beaconsfield Street, L8 2UU
  • 11 Holmes Street, L8 0RH
  • 13 Dinorwic Road, L4 0UB
  • 13 Priory Road, L4 2RT
  • 34 Coleridge Street, L6 6BT
  • 25 Breckside Park, L6 4DJ
  • 54 Castlewood Road, L6 5AL
  • 68 Mere Lane, L5 0QW
  • 92 Hale Road, L4 3RW
  • 94 Priory Road, L4 2SH
  • 21 Sybil Road, L4 0RR
  • 30 Wendell Street, L8 0RQ
  • 88 Sedley Street, L6 5AF
  • 94 Townsend Avenue, L11 8NE

The council has carried out work on the properties which have fallen into disrepair to remove blight or prevent statutory or public health nuisances and has attempted to trace the owners so that they can be recharged for the work.

If the owners cannot be found the council may be forced to acquire the properties by compulsory purchase under the Housing Act or force the sale of the properties under the Law of Property Act.

The council would recover any costs incurred through the sale of the property and remaining funds would be held in a court account for 12 years unless claimed by the owner.

If you own one of these properties or you know the owner and how we can get in touch with them please contact us.