What does it mean to be a woman in Liverpool today?

  • 100 years of votes

    Councillor Ann O’Bryne, Deputy Mayor of Liverpool, celebrates the 100-year anniversary of women getting the vote, but says there’s still much more to do.

  • They can and will

    Councillor Lynnie Hinnigan, Mayoral Lead for Citizen Engagement and Young People, blogs about the impact of social media on young women today.

  • Representing society

    Councillor Liz Parsons, Mayoral Lead for Community Safety and Jo Cox Women in Leadership Graduate, believes it's when women unite that real change happens.

What chance have I got?

To mark 100 years since women got the vote, Amina Atiq's powerful poem questions identity, the pay gap and sexism

  • Gender pay gap

    Councillor Sharon Connor, Mayoral Lead for Housing Options, challenges the injustice of unequal pay and calls for transparency in all of our workplaces.

  • Liverpool women

    Councillor Anna Rothery, Mayoral Lead for Equalities, views the challenges ahead and pledges to work hard for equality for all women in the region.

  • Women in sport

    Caroline O’Neill praises the Back to Netball scheme and the benefits of the Fit for Me initiative which gets local women back into sport.