Jobs & training

Why work with us?

Liverpool is a world famous city with culture at the heart of its offer. Our residents are increasingly diverse but share a common passion, resilience and pride in the city and a commitment to community and fairness.

Our beautiful city of Liverpool is known for many things – but our greatest asset will always be our people. Our residents deserve the very best from those who serve them and have a council they can be proud of.

We recognise that maximising the talent and skills of our workforce is fundamental to our transformation. Our employees are our most valuable asset and our aim is to create a positive, progressive and open work culture that supports everyone to thrive.

Positions at all levels offer an element of making a contribution to the wellbeing and smooth-running of the city, from the very hands-on work in the community, to more strategic roles in management, planning and law. We can all find a place to make a difference.

If you have ambition for yourself and this city, if you thrive on challenges and getting results, share our values and strive to make others feel valued, then we want to hear from you.